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Specialist case management and OPG form completion with immediate access from anywhere, anytime for all Court of Protection Appointed Deputies.

Manages your clients
details under the
Court of Protection legislation

Developed exclusively for COP appointed Deputies, deputyCOP is an online service. DeputyCOP software provides unique, simple and easy to use tools to help Court of Protection (COP) appointed Deputies. It helps with the day to day management of all OPG forms data prior to the submission of COP annual returns to the Office of the Public Guardian.

deputyCOP software gives you complete control over your OPG forms

All appointed Deputies have a legal obligation to submit completed annual OPG forms to the Office of the Public Guardian for review.

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Time is Money – complete your annual OPG return in a fraction of the time

From our experience in acting for clients we know that when completing annual OPG forms for the Office of the Public Guardian, submissions are complicated and much time can be involved – time you could perhaps put to better use.

Now you can speed up the process with our unique application that will help you all year round. You simply enter your day to day spending and decisions and deputyCOP will automatically produce your OPG forms in a fraction of the time normally taken at the end of the year, allowing you more time to focus on other tasks and your important daily workload.

With deputyCOP software you can be assured that you will save valuable time and have ‘peace of mind’ knowing that all your client information is stored conveniently and very securely.

From the minute you start to use deputyCOP software you will immediately see the benefits that our feature rich package delivers.