Frequently Asked Questions

confused about opg forms?

The deputyCOP pricing structure is based on reporting periods and the level of client supervision required.
For a deputyship with full client supervision the cost is £250 per client per OPG reporting period.
For a deputyship with minimal client supervision (less than £21,000) the cost is £100 per client per OPG reporting period.

All data is stored in our ISO 270001 N1+1 (dual power, dual cooling, dual fire systems) North London Data Centre presence that benefits from regulated power supplied to the hosting environment from dual and independent sources. Internet connectivity from within the DC is dual sourced, fibre based, and fed from multiple independent Telephony Exchanges.

Yes, your data is stored in one of the UK’s most secure environments. Our World Class data centre is located in north London and is the UK’s first and only ‘Dedicated to Legal’ data centre presence of its kind. It has been designed and equipped to meet the highest levels of quality service delivery, resilience and security.

Our facilities are CCTV monitored on a 24/7 basis, with controlled access via a combination of swipe cards, biometrics and keypad door entry systems and are locally based to our central support and administrative service team. Internal cabinets in the data centre are lockable with strictly controlled engineer access.

Our data centre meets Tier-3 standards, which ensures that both the infrastructure and application layers are protected from events such as power failures.
Full UPS (Battery Backup) and Generator backup services are in place that will provide continuous uptime for the entire facilities should a broader power outage occur.

Yes. DeputyCOP provide for off-site backup of critical data files at an alternate site.
The recovery strategy provides for recuperation after both short–term and long-term disruptions in facilities, environmental support and data processing equipment. Testing is performed on a routine basis following industry standard best practices.

Every 24 hours and stored locally in the event that data needs to be recovered/restored due to a server or storage failure.
Offsite backups are taken at regular daily intervals.

  • Easy analysis of your spending
  • Ease of use – accessible anywhere
  • On-demand and highly scalable: scales up or down based on the activities you undertake
  • Automatic upgrades offering latest solution features
  • Reduced risk – secure and ready-to-use infrastructure
  • Compliance with regulatory requirements made easier