OPG Form Software for Court of Protection Lay Deputies

Acting as a Court of Protection (COP) Deputy for a member of your family (Lay Deputy) can be challenging and sometimes difficult. We understand your desire to do the right thing and support the person you care about. Deputyship is a big responsibility so we are also here to help you in your challenging role.

Dealing with complex family circumstances, complicated medical conditions and budgetary matters can put great pressure on your time, particularly if new to the role, dealing with other pressures of work, or working alone.

Taking on the role of a Lay Deputy brings significant responsibilities and an obligation to comply with the commitments given to the Court of Protection in a Deputy Declaration. Budget management with a long-term management strategy is vital to ensure a client’s finances will be there to support them throughout their lifetime. Choosing the right advisors whether for care provision, investment, a tricky employment issue or contract dispute they are all a vital part of that management process. Taking the wrong course of action or failing to act could have a significant impact on a Client’s future financial security.

deputyCOP – Putting your clients first

deputyCOP will keep your finances in control with your deputyship appointment

The financial affairs of someone who has had a serious accident or suffered through professional negligence are often complex, particularly when they involve a large sum of compensation. It can include the responsibility of purchasing and adapting a property, the employment of staff, domestic budgeting, taking a long term overview of care needs or reporting to the Public Guardian plus a good deal more.

If Deputyship is something new to you then the particular challenges of working long term with families and coordinating care with medical and other support professionals can be time consuming and problematic.

DeputyCOP can take away some of the burden for Lay Deputies. We are highly experienced and knowledgeable in this specialist area.